I do not photograph because I see. I see because I photograph.

Welcome to Patgo Photo!

I'm Patricia Thorpe Gomm  owner and photographer at Patgo Photo.  I'm a nature and landscape photographer based in Southern Idaho.

In my family, I'm the youngest of four siblings by ten years.  I got a few hand-me-downs as a child. My very favorite was my oldest brother's Kodak Brownie. I was about 10.  I remember clearly the day he gave it to me. Through the blurry little viewfinder, the world around me looked so very different and it would never look the same again.  It wasn't just the photo taking that was so exciting.  I loved the camera itself - the knobs,  the sound of the film roll when you turned the knobs, and the smell of those sight-blinding bulbs going off.  I loved just holding it my hands.  The great power of being able to capture a single moment in time for forever was fascinating.  I loved taking the film to the local drug store and waiting for days to get those moments back. The whole process was exhilarating and life changing.

I've had lots of cameras since the brownie. Each one has opened my eyes and life to a new way of seeing the world around me. Each one has enriched my soul.  It's probably corny.  They are just tools but each one comes alive the first time I look through the viewfinder.  Each one brings a new story and new adventures.  It's my hope to share some of those adventures with you here. 

I hope you enjoy your visit. Please come back often as I'm always updating photos.  Also you can check out my Facebook page HERE.

If you have any questions including those concerning copyright or usage, please feel free to contact me through the "Contact" tab.

Thanks for stopping by! 



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